Denzel Curry Ta13oo Review

+Denzel Curry Ta13oo Review+

Denzel Curry Ta13oo
Denzel Curry Ta13oo

Denzel Curry releasing his album called Ta13oo this year, with a music video released by far for CLOUT COBAIN, I really hate clown because its scary, and surprisingly the song was full of sad beautiful tragic. I’m going to picked up 3 song ; CLOUT COBAIN, SIRENS, and SUMO, I think that the album also has different perspective on its chapter.

As its divided into 3 Acts : Act 1 is Light, Act 2 is Gray, and Act 3 is Dark. I’ll go with the main single CLOUT COBAIN, because the music video is very interesting to me, on he explained the lines I stay low so my demons don’t acknowledge me When I go, I know death don’t do apologies – 

God bless you. God has blessings. God will give you so many blessings even if it doesn’t look like it. You know what I’m saying? The worst thing could happen to you, just like the Book of Job. The worst thing could happen to you, but with that faith in God, you could have blessings on top of blessings and that will never change. God will always be there, and that’s what keeps me afloat. That’s why I try to stay low, so my demons don’t acknowledge me. – he explained on


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The video was amazing actually, it was scary but full of aesthetic, and actually the clown reminds me of Pennywise, which makes me even scared more. The next song that I choose is Sirens featuring Billie Eilish and J.I.D, its mostly talking about what happened in the current world, and social issues. On the music video you can see a mass, and other horrible stuffs thats going on right now.

Time to run with lions on the road to Zion
In this age of violence, time to grab the iron
When I pop the silencer, it’s nothing but silence when–

Last but not least I picked up Sumo, the song is awesome in terms of the beat, and I personally think as a great song to listen before you’re going into a match. Because to me Sumo is a strong guy, so I think there’s a reference on being great. I mean you should be, because everyone of us are special. Its a song that really hyped you up, so its a good anthem for a club or party, I would suggest that.

Pockets too big, they sumo
Tell me who the hottest motherfucker that you know
If it ain’t me, you a puto

Overall I love the album, I think the album is great, and worth to listen to, I think if you’re a fan of Xavier Wulf, you will love this song as well, don’t forget to check out my other post of XAVIER WULF as well.

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