+Steven Gerrard+


If you know me since I was a teenager (kid), you must know that I’m a fan of England, and Steven Gerrard. Back in 20 May 2015 it was his last game for Liverpool ever, as a result I was so heartbroken, because the moment I saw “This is Anfield” all I imagine was Steven Gerrard, even younger player like Dele Alli said so, but not only that a lot of players are agree that Steven Gerrard is one of the most best midfielder ever. Well some people might asking me, why I’m a girl but loving football ? first of all, my younger brother loving the game, so I got used to see it on my tv, and so I knew the players. Also its a bit related from music to sports, and I really enjoy to watch them, because I think it was full with adrenaline.


2014 was his last World Cup, and 2012 was his last Euro, I don’t have a chance to see him play live as an active player, and that’s the saddest part. I didn’t watch the game in 2014 World Cup, because it will be so painful to see them got booed, and stuffs, they made a playlist and Steven Gerrard choose Wake Me Up by Avicii. What I learned from Steven Gerrard is his loyalty, for the club even if the gigantic club like Real Madrid with the high achievements offer him a contract. Well I think I’m more into the emotional side of a fan, and as he said goodbye that See You Again song edited by the fans… they are amazing. I just want to say how grateful I am as a fan learning that money from the club isn’t everything, and those leadership that you’ve shown for both the team and the national team. I really wish all the best for Steven Gerrard’s career as a manager, hopefully he will be back to Premiere League as manager, and hoping to see him more often on TV.

  • Avicii – ‘Wake Me Up’ (as chosen by Steven Gerrard)


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