OFFONOFF is a duo group from South Korea, based on the label HIGHGRND, they are Colde, and 0Channel, most of their music are based on hip hop, alternative R&B and electronica. I’m very sure if you’re a fan of underground hip hop music from South Korea you should check them out. They recently released a music called homeless door featuring Rad Museum, who also an underground musician from South Korea.

OFFONOFF has been collaborated with their former director Tablo, called Cigarette, and they also has Dean as the featured artist. To me personally, their music is very clean, the R&B tone is something that I would listen to at a café, and its something that people that are not a fan of K Pop able to listen to. Most of their music are also very aesthetic, isn’t the same thing as K Pop that aiming to be viral at the first place (I don’t hate it though). Some people thought that South Korean music industry is always producing K Pop music, but they are wrong, definitely there are areas like R&B, Hip Hop, and even Traditional music. OFFONOFF is a duo that I would suggest if you love a group like THEY. because they have the similar vibes of being cool, clean, and very simple, but cool.  Their music isn’t something that will hit you on your face, and yeah..let me know what do you think about them.

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