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Mac Miller’s Swimming

Mac Miller Swimming

Mac Miller Swimming

This August, Mac Miller released his album Swimming, its his fifth studio album and the album composed of 13 tracks in which I’m going to pick 3 of my favourite from the album. First of all the cover is super aesthetic, and its a contrasts to the title swimming that’s involving water, because it’s almost like inside the plane, but both are to be related to freedom and flow.

I’m going to pick Self Care, Come Back to Earth, and Hurt Feelings, on this album Mac Miller also working with J Cole, Pharrell Williams, and Dev Hynes. I think the album is sharing some dark things, for example like Self Care was filmed inside a coffin, but I found it so pleasurable. I found some other songs are more into self-healing like Come Back to Earth, I really loved the title track, and last but not least Hurt Feelings.

You can also check out Pitchfork’s review. And definitely, this post is my own review!

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Being in the public eyes are definitely so difficult, because people are just going to judge every single move in your life. The song is talking on how the media view him as a human being, and its definitely hard to know ourselves better when people said we’re something else (if you know what I mean).

You can find the lines But it be kinda hard to see, that’s no surprise though And you can find me, I ain’t hiding where its really the description on being on the public’s eye, and you’re being followed and judge, but IDGAF you face them, although its tough one.

Next one I have Come Back To Earth and the phrase reminds me of my teacher Ms Pem who always said that when someone is not paying attention inside the class. To me personally, its a song that out of your mind, or when you doze off.

But rather than that is almost looking for a time for yourself, you can spot the line “I just need a way out of my head I’ll do anything for a way out Of my head” And I think that’s one of the most relatable lines from songs that I listened too. People are so judgemental over something, and they don’t understand the impact after doing so.

Well I do agree that sometimes we need to be criticised to be a better person but don’t you realised some people are just talking shit over and over about the same problem? I mean I’m trying to be a better person that other people want me to be, the pressure is definitely good for us, but there are times that you need to trust yourself, and stop listening to the negative things that people are throwing at you, and its on the line “Everything is different, I can’t complain Don’t know what you missin’ Shame on you”

So guys what do you think about the album? I personally love it, and what’s your favourite part of the album, what’s your favourite song(s)? listed down on my comment section.

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