“And my dad would get frustrated. He said ‘I don’t enjoy playing with you like that.’ So he put five Swiss francs on the bench next to me and said ‘I’m leaving, I’ll see you at home.’  And I couldn’t believe he left me there because it was gonna be like a 45 minute bus ride back home.”

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I’m a huge fan of Roger Federer, why simply because he is one of the most respectable sportmans outside the court, and inside the court. Rather than being a scary looking, or intimidating person, he was more respectable and I think that’s the most important thing ever in your life. At age 37 winning 20 grand slams, having 2 pairs of twins are just amazing, although the future career of his tennis is now, but I don’t think a player ever could replace the grace and the respect of Roger Federer the maestro.


I couldn’t be happier when he got his 20th grand slams title it was amazing, to see how he show that age is just a number, and being the most respectable athletes is all the matters, I wrote about why I’m a fan on my post Today’s Icon, I really wish that one day I could see him play live. What I like from him is that no matter if he lose or win, the crowds just respect him, and loving him and that’s the best of being an athletes. Well there are maybe players that targeting to beat those 20 slams, but I don’t think those players will able to get the same amount of love.

 Sometimes you have to accept that a guy played better on the day than you.

And to be honest as the times goes by, I could say Roger Federer is the only athlete that made calm, even if he lost, simply because he just got the right amount of the adrenaline for both himself, and the audience, as a fan you definitely want your favourite to win, but at the same time you want your favourite athlete to be okay, so I think that’s why I love about Roger Federer so much. I think I listed all the songs mentioning him on my other post on Tennis & Hip Hop, and Today’s Icons so you’ll be able to check the songs mentioning him, but since is such a legend I’ll put up HALL OF FAME by THE SCRIPT HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER WE LOVE YOUUUU

“I fear no one, but respect everyone”




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