+Snoop Dogg Bible of Love Review+

“I would let people know I was a born-again Christian. Church is supposed to welcome sinners. If you find somebody trying to find their way back home, the naturally thing to do is to be warm welcoming, open your arms and say, ‘Brother, we accept you for who you are. We know you’ve been doing wrong but you wanna get right, so we’re gonna help you get right. We’re not going to throw stones”-Snoop Dogg 


So recently this year Snoop Dogg released his first gospel album titled Bible of Love, interestingly I just checking out today 7 August 2018, on several interview including TV ONE interview he referred that he is a born again Christian. To be honest with you religion is always the best friend between music and its artists, you can see Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, P Diddy, and Kanye West aren’t afraid to talk about their beliefs on public, although it could leading to some criticisms, but I praise their courage to share what they believe in.

So everybody is really love uncle Snoop, he’s funny and amazing, he was in the same agency with the legend Tupac Shakur, and uncle Snoop is making friends with other international artists like PKCZ, and Psy. On the interview with TV One he stated “I thought church was supposed to welcome sinners, and if the church was full of saints it wouldn’t be right” on a responds on some people criticised he releasing a gospel album. There are 32 songs on the album, and he stated that the gospel album is not really targeting the sales record, but more into his spiritual relationship with God. To me I don’t really care if someone want to release a gospel album or not, because at the end of the day its your relationship, and I have to admit it some of the gospel songs are boring, and with uncle Snoop releasing this album it will be so interesting to hear it.

“The moment I came into the music industry, I always had gospel influences and I always referred to my Savior Jesus Christ in most of the records that I spoke on. I always had moments where I would reflect on that and let people know what I was a born again Christian,” – Snoop Dogg on TV One 

The song My God is really talking about how God is really everything to our life, it might be so personal to me, why ? because I always feeling lonely, but actually that’s not true at all. Although actually its more a personal thing, I would say there are times where I feel so lonely and not that lonely at all. I think the album really shared a lot of old gospel song to be more listenable to the younger generations. There’s a song called Saved featuring Faith Evans, and I personally love this song, its a song that my mum would listen but with a little modern twist of it. Anyways although getting some backlash from a lot of people the album charted in  Top Gospel Albums (Billboard) as no 1. And to me rather a music artist will have his/her own gospel music is really their own personal choice.

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. –

Matthew 7 : 2

What do you think about the album ? let me know

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