The Japanese girl group BANANA Lemon is releasing LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, music video. The video consisted some powerful dancing moves, and all the girls are really channeling their girl crush image. Rather than showing the cutesy sides of J Pop they really go bold on this video, and proofing that Japanese artists are able to do dance, sing, and rap, I’ve posted about the on my previous post BANANA LEMON. Back on May, Kehlani even posted the group’s performance on her insta story, actually there are some cases where people thought k pop idols are the only people who can do those entertaining stuffs, however in the recent years the Japanese music industry is start to grow bigger, and bigger.

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Us together with one and only @kehlani 👭 Her performance is lit, the attitude is real, and the personality is sweet❤️Thank you Kehlani and her beautiful team🔥We definitely will meet up so soon<3 . ケラーニさんのライブ&アフターパーティーに参加してきました✨なんと飛び入りでライブをさせて頂いて、さらにそれをケラーニさんがインスタストーリーに上げてくださるという奇跡😆🔥ケラーニさん、ケラーニチームのみなさん、本当にありがとうございました❤️ . #kehlani #ケラーニ #バナナレモン #バナレモ #BananaLemon #渋谷 #原宿 #Shibuya #Harajuku #Saarah #Nadia #Rino #Mizuki #MixedRace #AsianPersuasioin #🍌🍋 #jpop #girlgroup #girls #Tokyo #Japan

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BANANA LEMON is a little different from the groups like AKB48, or their sister groups, they’re not afraid to show off the sexiness, and twerking, I could say the international fans are going to love BANANA LEMON because they look different. The members are able to speak English, especially Sarah who’s fluent in English, and definitely showing diversity on the group as well. They have been performing in Tokyo International Music Market too. Over all I really love LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME I really think the video is so cool, its definitely showing the other side of J Pop, and its mature form of J Pop, because I don’t think a lot of younger girls are going to like girl crush concepts. They also having fun with the music video. I really love the sassy-ness because just “LOOK AT ME”, you know the feels of being the central attention on some occasions are not bad all all (sometimes).

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