Travis Scott Astroworld Review



Last few days Travis Scott dropped an album called the Astroworld, well the cover of the album has been trending due to the big balloons of his face, and people making memes out of it. To be honest the art cover of the album is amazing, I really like on how artistic it is, in a way its very pop art to me, and its fun and mysterious at the same time, you can see the contrast of the kids on the cover, but you can spot the mature version of the cover as well.

What I like from this album is that he also collaborated with a bunch of other people like Drake, The Weeknd, John Mayer, and James Blake (and more). So I feel like you can listen to a different type of sounds on this album. I picked 3 of my favourites and that includes; SICKO MODE with Drake, STOP TRYING TO BE GOD featuring James Blake, and last but not least WAKE UP the collaboration with The Weeknd.


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I would say when you’re a rapper, and you’ve a collaboration with a great R&B singer most of the songs are going to be great, and that’s what happened here, I really love The Weeknd’s voice to bad. Firstly because The Weeknd’s songs are mostly very emotional, so its easier for me to relate to certain songs, and Drake’s voice is also amazing considering that’s he’s also a great singer, despite he’s a rapper. So I like that he’s really flexing his talents, and the success that he got in today, you could see the reference of ic a.k.a diamonds, rollies, and king, which I think rollies is one of the goal when you’re successful. Overall there are so many amazing songs from this album, so its very hard to pick one that you really love. Let me know what’s your favourite from the album, and comment on the comment section.


Woo, made this here with all the ice on in the booth
At the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose

Stop Trying to be God ft James Blake

Diamonds are the wife of life
All three Rollies look alike
After two you get a hook-up price

WAKE UP ft The Weeknd

I don’t wanna wake up (yeah)
Want you spread out on the sheets (it’s lit!)

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