Kanye West and Kid Cudi formed a hip hop duo called Kids See Ghosts this year they released a self titled album. The album cover was designed by Takashi Murakami whom already worked with Kanye for his Graduation album, for the cover and the director of the music video Good Morning.kanye-west-graduation.jpg

As you guys could see the artwork by Takashi Murakami is really Kanye, in my opinion the artwork by Takashi is bold, different compare to other artists and he is not afraid to showing the other side of his work even if people are going to criticised what you are making or saying. Kid Cudi and Kanye have been collaborated in a few times, one of the work that I know is All of the Lights. The artwork on the album Kids See Ghosts, the Japanese character is translated to be chaos.

So guys I picked out three of my favourite songs from the album Kids See Ghosts. First I really love the song Reborn, I really love the lines in Reborn, because its really hype me up, and the positivity of the song is there. Its about moving forward, and being the best, to be honest being the best doesn’t have to be being no 1, but doing whatever that you love, and you accomplished it.

I’m so, I’m so reborn, I’m movin’ forward
Keep movin’ forward, keep movin’ forward

Next up I got Feel The Love featuring Pusha T, in this song basically is talking about why would we hate on each other, I think that’s how I interpret it as for my story. To the fact that I’m not a fan of ad-libs on a rap songs (I think its a bit awkward when I try it) but its fun to hear an ad lib, so you can find ad-libs here on this song.

Why would I wait when there’s other women?
Why would I hate? We in love with winnin’ (ooh)

I have Fire next, I feel like this song is also full with positivity, and that’s why I love it. I feel like this song is similar with Reborn, because its all about being the best, and facing the challenges in life, and how we try to fix the problems. The haters are going be there, but if you just be have a little relationship with God then we all should be fine. Both artists are not afraid on speaking their beliefs, you can see the lyrics on Kid Cudi’s The Prayer, and Kanye West’s Times interview.

It’s so many days I prayed to God
All this pain I couldn’t seem to find a way
On a mission livin’, carry on
Got my family, I’m seein’ through by the days

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