+Unconventional Gospel Songs+


Hii guys today I want to share my songs for unconventional Gospel songs, Why ? because I feel like there’s a lot of people loving hip hop genre, and sometimes they thought gospel songs aren’t fun at all..well you guys are wrong 🙂 there are some dope amazing artists out there that you should check out. I think people taking swag on the wrong way, and also I want to say being cool is not only about bragging, but its all about your relationship between you and God, why ? because our lives will not be finish after earth. I want to say that, you guys can have a lot of ways of being cool too from listening to the gospel.




First up I have Cross Movement, I feel like this one is perfect for the old school hip hop lover, for like Wu Tang Clan fans, basically the song When I Flow (It’s Gospel) is talking about the way Gospel is affecting in our lives, pretty awesome right ? because we live, breath in for God. Although now the band has disbanded, but we can still able to cherish the moment together, definitely I really recommend this song to you guys.

Rock shows with the Gospel (Gospel)
Long as I got breath in my nostrils (Gospel)
When I flow it’s Gospel (Gospel)
Cross Movement and Rock Soul (We rock souls)

” We cared so deeply that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our own lives as well. That is how beloved you have become to us.”- 1 Thessalonians 2 : 8 



The song Dead Come Alive is talking about how someone that’s losing their hope, and their ways are finally found a peace when they followed Jesus. The song by Whittaker featuring Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots is really one of my favourite songs that I listed. Its all about when you lost your ways just remember that God will never let you down, even if the failure will be there but remember that God is not a mistake and He will pulled you up, and help you go through it for sure.
I felt alone in the world on my own then You came to me Hope flowing through my veins I was lost in the black so far gone Then You drank my shame letting sin flow through Your veins


“Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins”- Jesus John 8 :24


Lecrae is one of the Christian artist that really out there that’s quiet big on the music industry. At the end of the day to me you really need someone that’s bigger than your “human idol” Just Like You, is talking about God as an example in our daily life. I don’t mind when someone has a role model, we all need to have one, but to me I realised that when you look up to your “human idol” don’t you realised that actually they followed someone that’s bigger than them ? I would like to say Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and all the artists above aren’t afraid to say the things about what they belief in.

Many people asking me why I love hip hop, the thing is they’ve been through life that’s almost killing their life, and friends. Thus I learned that my life isn’t miserable as I thought, secondly their stories on believing in God just amazed me, and that’s not really about money. And I want to share this to you, all the stories might not be relatable to every single one of you, but I want to say that God, is really touching you through the most unique ways, example for me my favourite football player Dele Alli’s Psalm 23:4 tattoo, the song by Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots, and Kendrick Lamar story on the episode of Brompton with Kendrick Lamar here. I don’t know what’s your problems are at the moment, but for me now is my worry that’s really bothering me 🙂 but I try to stay calm and pray, definitely just to let you know that you’re not alone and God will always besides you..

Happy Sunday 🙂 ❤

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