+Shawn Mendes’ Shawn Mendes Review+


Although I’m not a fan of a romantic songs but who could resist that Stitches song ? no one right ? At first I knew Shawn Mendes through that music, and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but his third and self titled album just amazing. To start with, this album consists of pop, pop rock, and R&B genres, most of the songs were written by Shawn himself. I feel like at this album he is really showing his capability as an artist, and song writer. I feel like as a fan of Taylor Swift, I feel there is a similarity on writing the songs, is that they write about their personal stories. I picked out my favourites from this album, and I’ll let tell you why.

I really love Youth because the beats of the song is amazing, and sometimes being a teenager, it can be stressful. And the most biggest problem is that some of the problems are too hard to be explain, sometimes its hard to describe the situation that we’re in because at the end of the day, being a teenager is confusing, and we’re still looking for our true self. The song is overall about being a miserable youth, or teen, based on my understanding, especially when you’re heartbroken over your relationship, that’s hard because probably its all about the first love, and its the hardest one I believe.

Here I am, stuck on this couch
Scrolling through my notes
Heart was broken, still not growing, nah

I mean whenever I see Japan its really personal to me, because its my favourite country in this world. And I feel like sometimes being a relationship is like being on a journey, we lost together, we have fun together. Since I’ve no experience about it, I try to portrayed the song through the lyrics, and I feel like he confessed his feelings to a girl, and wanted to travel together. But I feel it will be fun when you travel together with your loved ones, because that’s the time that you’ll get to know each other better, and understand each other, because they’ll face the problems together. Although the “I can’t get you off my mind” is a little bit cliché, but the more cliché it is the better it is for a love song.

Do you got plans tonight?
I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan, and I
I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight
‘Cause I-I-I can’t get you off my mind
I can’t get you off my mind

To me Where Were You In The Morning is amazing, but on the lyrics it looks like he is missing someone, and it could be understand for a one sided love, or a one night stand. But because I’ve no experience for both, its a bit awkward to discuss about it right ? yess me too 🙂 but anyways I really love the R&B feels to it, based on the information that I found it resembles his idol John Mayers, for the record John is also amazing artist that I really love as well.

Where were you in the morning, baby?
You didn’t leave your number for me
Left me without a warning, baby
Where were you in the morning, baby?

So would I recommend this album ? definitely because there’s a lot of genre on this album, and I feel like for a youngster like you, and me that’s probably drawing the ideal type of lover inside out head, definitely this album is perfect.

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