+KAWS on Popular Culture+


In Melbourne we have a show of MoMA Exhibition, basically there’s a lot of amazing art pieces on the gallery, today I went there with my friend Cik Ica, and it was amazing 🙂 but I got an unplanned buying, and yup as you could the see KAWS BFF Blue MoMA version. To me I’ve been a fan of KAWS since ages ago, but I haven’t found the place to get the toy, and I bought one today. q693saadfo6shptddowl (1)

As you may know that Brian Donelly is a famous graffiti artist, and the recent years his name is really on the rise, because the street wears are now being classified as a luxury items. Its hard to get one with the sale price, because its really on demand, and some of the consignment stores are making the price way to pricy sometimes. Brian already working with Kanye West for his album in 2008, for the album 808s & Heartbreak. I feel like as much as people hating on Kanye, I feel like Kanye really open the path between contemporary arts, and music together, I really love Love Lockdown from Kanye West on that album. But Kanye is also known to work with amazing artist like Takashi Murakami as well, for example the video Good Morning.


On only that Brian has a clothing line called the Original Fake, and the most recent ones, Brian quiet a frequent collaborator with Uniqlo. Not only that artists like Odd Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and Yung Bans mentioning KAWS on their lyrics, for example Mike G is a fan of KAWS clothing line.Pharrell-GIRL

And to me there is this mysterious thing from the X signs and the hands from it. I linked all the songs down below and let me know what’s your favourite ones. I really like the figure because it reminds me of Mickey Mouse, but in the edgy version of it, some people, including me symbolising the X symbols as so over it, and I think that’s what it is :).  KAWS artistry is really no joke at all, he was part of the desingned of the Comme Des Garcons Pharrell Williams Girl bottle. I think the most interesting is how Brian put the ideology of X, making it into his own characters, although there are times that’s its not really a character that he built by himself, but the X symbols really making it as his own.

What the fuck is caution?
Often I leave ’em flossing in KAWS, exes next to coffins

Yellow painting with a yellow brush
Shit came from KAWS, probably marge

Next week it’s Adderall, I can’t walk around in malls
Put that X up in her hand, she lookin’ like a KAWS doll



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