+Totoro and Music+

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Totoro is usually related to something soft, fluffy things, the character has been very iconic to the kids, and those people who love the Ghibli Studio films. Not to mentioned actually the character that’s released on 1988 are actually the spirit of the forest. I know that’s its weird but if I have a nightmare, at least I need to see Spirited Away or Totoro before I sleep. So I think Totoro is actually a ‘ghost’ that packed in a cute way, that’s what my Chinese teacher told me before hands, after I re-think about it, its a bit spooky but its cute at the same time.

Sometimes to think about it, I realised that its the same way with our life, it might seems okay from the outside but not from the inside. So I found out from genius.com to search about Totoro, and I found some of the songs that I think are great. From what I found is that, I found 2 great artists both are quiet different, 1 is more active more into comedic raps song, the other one is more pursuing contemporary unique rap music.avatars-000278038750-teoeok-t500x500

Firstly I have Le1f,who also pursued a contemporary ballet, and he also active on LGBT community, I personally loving his style because he’s very avant garde at his styling, and I really appreciate that. The other artist that I found very interesting is #THAGODSQUAD, I just really interested the way he corporate the music with some anime, and I think its interesting.


cred : Le1f soundcloud

Anyways please check those songs out, because they mentioned Totoro, my favourite character in my life by far 🙂 I feel like its because the character is part of my childhood memories that I think will be always be part of me, I feel like these days kids are grown up to fast, they don’t know how to fell in love with a cartoon character, or having a fantasy to be their friends. It was absolutely dream come true when I visited the museum few years back. IMG_0668.jpg

They just wanna see me unfold
I’m magic like Totoro. My shit blows I know you know

I’m inchin’ for the clicker I’m switchin’ it to Totoro
I’m eatin’ up all the ramen I’m chillin’ up in Sapporo

I want to be the first to see Totoro
Don’t forget to turn off your phone


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