For someone that loving the R&B songs from South Korea you guys definitely will be familiar with Wheesung, I post a glimpse of him on The Call post. Before YG Entertainment is big as now, he was signed to YG Entertainment, and even collaborated with G Dragon, Gummy, Masta Wu, Se7en, and 1TYM, from other YG Family early generations.

I do understand that people are more interested with the K Pop Idol songs, because I personally think its more on the market right now, but South Korean R&B songs are actually equally interesting, and amazing as the K Pop songs. I knew K Pop around 2009, but I only knew 1 song, but I really like YG since 2016, so I explore more about their artists including their former once, and apparently Wheesung debuted long before Bigbang, and he even active when I was just 1 y.o (1999). I think sometimes people really generalised K Pop as an idol group but there are so much options there, the same as if you’re loving the Western music, later did I know Wheesung collaborated with m-flo once as well, so I believe m-flo already associated with YG since ages #proudfan, I wrote about m-flo as well before.

In the recent years, he has been active with appearing in Drama OST, and I think he found the ground where he comfortable with, because R&B artists like Dean, and Crush are getting world wide interest as well, other artists are getting popular too. Wheesung recently got the track called Realslow featuring Hash Swan, Realslow was actually Wheesung’s stage name in his underground days. To be honest hip hop artists are getting bigger in South Korea. My favourite OST from Wheesung actually is from the drama It’s Okay That’s Love, so I believe you guys know more than me.


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