Agnez Mo + Chris Brown

Both artists recently released the track Overdose, this is not the first time they collaborate, before Overdose both collaborated for the track On Purpose for the album Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Well the collaboration highlighted Agnez Mo name even higher in the international music market. The fans of Agnez Mo in Indonesia definitely so excited to hear the news because its rare that artists from Indonesia will collaborate with other artists outside the country. Agnez Mo has been signed to 300 Entertainment which housing artists like Migos, Young Thug, and Fetty Wap.

Both songs that were released by the artists are mostly R&B/Soul genre, and above and foremost I really proud to cheer Agnez because she’s not really looking for publicity in Indonesia to boosts her music. I really love her vocal on both songs she’s really showing the capability to be taken seriously, rather than just “another Asian artist trying to make it”. In some people point of view the songs are a little bit to Americanised, but I don’t really think it is. Some people in Indonesia are still not comfortable with PDA #publicdisplayofaffection, but as someone that’s pretty open towards it, people should understand that I think we’re now living in the not conservatives community.

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I’m definitely waiting for the official music video to be release, considering they’re showing so much affection on the teaser. Again I don’t hate the music, it was produced in very high quality production, and both artists are amazing with their vocals, and I do love it,I really love the fact that Agnez Mo’s hardwork is really paid off, and so congratulations to her, from all my heart, the song is dope so dope congratz for that, she’s really open minded, which I think also helps her out to make her way to the Western cultures.

what do you think about the song guys ? let me know on the comment section below 🙂

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