For the Planetarium artist for today we have 모티(Moti), he released Wavem and Blue music video. The music is awesome I feel like he’s a new wave for Jay Park lovers, or basically just for everybody that love the bad boy vibes from him, the song Blue goes like “I have the same color all day and night. I think you and I are different. I feel like I do not know. They share the same feelings and they pull it.” which I think its a sad song for a romantic scenes. I personally loving the deep tone voice from him, and the fact is not husky the deep flow giving you the swag vibes even more (fangirling mode on). I feel like the underground artists are just starting to come out even more these days, their fanbase also someone that I would pay a respect on because they look at other artists music as well.


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I do hope that WAVE is going to have its own music video in the future, and if you listen carefully you can see the ocean theme on this album/EP, Wave is actually reminds me of Cold Future by Kiano Jones, I posted here, and both are such an amazing songs. The flow given by him are just sic, so although I don’t understand the language I would still listen to it, the fact that it sounds not so poppy-ish I love it even more, there are times when people though Asian rappers are not cool, because they always have this sweet type of lyrics and beats, but not all of them, I could say its also based on preference, and I believe there’s no such thing as bad music. His song Boa is also great, you guys need to check out Planetarium records, by far its my favourite lable in South Korea.

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