Far East Movement Identity

Back in 2010 Far East Movement really break the playlists with the song Like A G6 featuring The Cataracs, they are pretty amazing, especially at that time Asian, Asian-American, or any Asian musicians, in general, are not being openly acceptable compared to today. They are a hip hop, EDM group composed of

  • Kev Nish
  • Prohgress
  • DJ Virman

Like A G6 is really addictive especially the part “Like A G6, Like A G6” back in the days it was my first year as a high school student, and it makes me feel like I’m the coolest girl at school by listening to the song, for some reason, I feel like I’m grown up, and cool by listening to those type of songs.

They are actually have been around since the early 2000s, their song even featured on Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, believe it or not, I watched Fast and Furious since my early years..yup my dad is a fan of action movies, anyways the franchise is my ultimate favourite movie franchise, they’re amazing, they also have such a dope soundtracks as well. After the song Like A G6 blew up they won MAMA Awards for Best International Artist, I don’t think I love MAMA right now after the voting issues, in the recent years.

Far East Movement then collaborated with artists such as Justin Bieber, and Tinashe, Chanyeol. The song with Justin Bieber was the fun ones, I feel like it’s on every single dance anthem that year, and my friends who love to dance play that song, and even after school he got it on the playlist. I think Far East Movement is really known what they’re doing and they’re having fun. If somebody wants to argue about the views, back in the day I don’t think people really care about the first 24 YouTube views, because we don’t really update social media that much, and the smartphones weren’t good as now.

The one with Tinashe is actually good because they combined both Eastern and Western type of music. You can find EXO’s Chanyeol rapping in Korean, and the other part of the songs are in English, showing that language is not the barrier for sharing music, and I think music could be the bridge for everyone sharing their thoughts, and experience.

Their latest album was featuring a lot of artists from different cultural background, but I could see that they really collaborated with artists from South Korea, but I do understand because South Korea is really owning the music industry. But honestly they could collaborate with KOHH, next time just to add more diversity of the Asian musicians because I think I could understand the marketing point of view, but its something that people would assume. I do love Tiffany, Chanyeol they’re not bad, but its something that people are getting used to, they have BIG K.R.I.T. which I think a good key point to the album.

Maybe for next time collaborate with Kid Fresino, KOHH, and Song Minho please… 😉

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