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We have Eric Nam, born and raised in the US definitely gave him the ability of speaking English in which help to communicate with the international fans, not only that Eric Nam actually got some brained as well, graduating with cum laude in International Studies, he was supposed to work at Deloitte Consulting (this is my mum’s type, someone who worked at Deloitte Consulting), but he wanted to do an entertainment works so here it is today. Good things is that his musics are amazing.

Eric Nam already working with Epik High’s Tablo, Gallant for the R&B song Cave Me In, and more, he recently showing more of his mature side I guess, you can see on the videos Honestly, and Potions, although the concepts of sexy in Asia, and Western are so much different. With Potion he collaborated with Woodie Gochild from AOMG, and you can heard the mumble rap there. I feel like its so South American vibes, its something that a Westerner still listen to it although its not in English. And I personally think its very interesting to have that kind of feeling, because at the end of the day music is something that you will have fun listening to it.

Not only that Eric Nam is also famous for this OST for Korean Drama as well to name a few ; Mad Dog, and Uncontrollably Fond. The thing is is South Korea OST actually can help you to get well known, especially when the drama is hit drama in South Korea, that’s definitely will help you to put your name as a legit singer there I believe. Eric Nam is known to have Ballad as well for his music, and you can find that in the song Shower.

I really love his voice actually because its the type of voice that able to put you asleep, and that’s very important to me, secondly the language barrier when he got interviewed is another key point, the songs that he choose are amazing, although its the love songs that I usually hate it, but mostly they’re not the type of songs that’s tacky, most of them are pretty much sad songs, so I really love that. So guys what’s your favourite song(s) from Eric Nam ? Let me know on the comment section

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  1. Eric Nam has such great music! 🙂


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