+Happy [Belated] Birthday Kane+


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Hii guys I want to say Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Harry Kane, the England captain, first of all as an England fan I wish him all the best for the rest of his career, especially for the leadership as both for the national team, and as a father. First of all congratulations for the birthday, and also the Golden Boot for the World Cup 2018, its sad that you guys (England) didn’t go to the final, but guess what, people stop laughing at me because I cheered up for England. I definitely did not forget about his birthday, I posted on instagram (my private one)

At first I was so reluctant to cheered up for football game after my favourite player (Steven Gerrard) retired. But this year the team was blew my mind, with Harry Kane scoring 6 goals during the world cup, the England team showing the diversity (yup I love diversity), and they are more open to the fans (thanks to the younger generations). But I want to dedicate this post for Mr. Kane.

I want this post still relating to music, so I opened up Beats by Dr.Dre to look up for his music playlist. Firstly that Not Afraid by Eminem is my jam, I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes is totally fire, and The Hills remix is definitely amazing. So he;s got amazing taste for music there.

I love Mr, Kane for his personality, and his skills, and there are some artists that mentioning Kane over here. There are grime artists AJ Tracey, and Codell that by far mentioning him. I mean being the best at the current competition is such an amazing feeling, I hope that he will be stay grounded, and definitely always keep close to the family and friends, and be a good father to his kid(s). You’re showing such an amazing leadership this year, definitely the pressure for being a captain at a world class competition is definitely hard, especially if you need to face the backlash, and the tabloids, but you really did such an amazing leadership.

Man are not Harry Kane but I’m upfront
Tell man how it is, you’re a dumb cunt

Buck ’em on the rebound, Harry Kane on the hotline
Let me get Robbie Keane out
About shootings

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