I knew blackhead not so along ago, approximately a year because the released of doremi the track featuring Gucci Mane. For the record his music are setting milestone in the music industry, he co wrote Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, and collaborated with Mike Shinoda’s About You.

All the presents I would send

Fuck my friends behind my shoulder

Next time I’mma stay asleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep, oh

I particularly really into the beats of the songs, and I feel like there’s a chill part of it, and mysterious at the same time. The song reminds me of the nursery rhymes, do re mi but the adult version, the music video also reminds me of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I also fond with his style from fashion, to his artistic music videos. His style is a mix of hip hop and alternative R&B, and you can see that from the music do re mi.

There’s this song called Wanderlust by him, 🙃 the song goes like “So much to do at 21, you feel invincible So hard to find someone to trust, she still her daddy’s girl“. I feel like there’s some part of him that’s very sassy and cool. You can find some personal reference “fuck my friends behind my shoulders”, and you can find “Every time I smile what I’m doing fine, does it show?” It’s very personally to me because I feel like there are connected by other people who listen to his music.

Every time I smile what I’m doing fine, does it show?

Cause I’m really freaking out, too scared of letting you go

Yesterday my mum called me, because someone dreamt that I was crying. However to me I don’t want to stressed my mum’s feeling, I just feel like although I’m not okay I’ve to say I’m okay, because people thought I’m always cool, and chill but that’s not true at all…

So anyways I listen to music based on my mood, and the situation regarding to my life, something that’s very relatable to me as well. Let me know what do you think about blackbear ?

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  1. priya says:

    I discovered blackbear a little while ago, but I found him by stumbling on his acoustic version of 4u and I fell in love with his voice! That led me to finding songs like idfc, Dirty Laundry and I Needed You, which are all songs I love! x


    1. Yass I found him a year ago after looking for Gucci Mane..HHahaha I love idfc too

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  2. souldews says:

    definitely! blackbear isn’t afraid to call out references to his personal life (see playboy shit and the Halsey ref) and he has a very chill vibe that hits hard at the same time. sometimes it’s almost mocking in doremi and sometimes painful in idfc. great job!


    1. Truee though I just loving his IDGAF personality 🙃

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    2. https://thegoodtheweird.com/2018/07/30/xavier-wulf-east-memphis-maniac-review/ check out Xavier Wulf pretty sure you’ll like it, it’s his new album and it’s a playlist of my favourites from the album 😂😂


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