+Aloe Blacc+


If you live in Australia you can hear/find the McDonald’s ad is using the song I Need a Dollar, because you can buy something with $1 AUD. The thing is the song is really catchy right ? especially the part “I Need a Dollar..” I found that the singer name is Aloe Blacc. And I just realised that he is also co written the hit single by the great late Avicii Wake Me Up back in 2013. While Avicii is released his version, Aloe Blacc got released his own acoustic version.

If you could see the song The Man, and I Need a Dollar, I really like it because he kept it simple yet classy. Although it didn’t reached the 100 M views just yet, but its such a memorable song, and still catchy although its released was 2-3 years ago, although his collaborations with Avicii reached 1.5 B views on YouTube. Clearly what I see from his style is reminds me of Pharell Williams, I love both artists because there’s a sense of quirky-ness that’s makes me wonder about both artists, from their style and music.

Both I Need A Dollar and The Man are influenced by Soul music, and some parts of R&B, Jazz, and Blues, but they’re still listenable even up to this day. A lot of songs that I knew right now is really hyped up at the few months upon its released but then it will be boring after a few times. Both songs are addictive so its a good point when you want people to remember your songs. Aloe Blacc had been nominated for awards such as ; BET Awards, Grammy’s Awards, and Brit Awards. He also collaborated with Nas, Dave East, and Lin Manuel for the song Wrote My Way Out. The song is for the musical play Hamilton The Musical. As you guys probably know that I really love Nas, and I made a review regarding his newest album here. I think rather than loving 1 artists I’m more open to listen to bunch of artists, so it will be easier for me to pick a song when I was down.

Recently he released a new music called Brooklyn In The Summer I think that his songs are very listenable even for the fans that are not a fan of Soul, R&B, or Blues music. The best part of his music is that its not tacky, or even talking about misogynistic lyrics, in which you can listen with your family. For Brooklyn In The Summer, I could imagine myself dancing with a red long Dolce and Gabbana dress, big hat, and a glasses. I feel his songs are very classy, I really love the simple directing on his music as well. So please check it out guys.

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