“Just with the state of where hip-hop was, I was over it. And just the fact that it was such a struggle because I been making awesome, creative music, but it wasn’t hitting the way it should.” – DUCKWRTH on XXL


Duckwrth is an American rapper, with birth name of Jared Lee, he had his studio album in 2016, titled I’m Uugly and a mixtape in 2017 titled An XTRA UUGLY Mixtape. Based on several interview including with pitchfork, it stated that he also took graphic design in university, and taking N.E.R.D. and OutKast as his inspirations. But there are times where he also losing hope as an artist, on interview with XXL, he stated ;

“There was a moment where I was gonna just say ‘fuck it’ and do graphic design, advertisements and shit, garment design,” 

What I want to say to every single people who read this post is that, don’t be afraid of trying even if you have to fall 1000 times, I failed too, I change my major from Interior Design to International Business, for the record please wish me all the best for my Financial Market exam :). Everyone has their own obstacle too, so I hope they’ll not be discourage over something else.

I just wanna shine like Michael (hey)
I might moonwalk on sight (ho)

The thing is I really like the creative music video that he gave the audience, because its really his style, because most of the times when you got to see hip hop music video, there will be lots of expensive style being displayed, but I love understated video, also the videos are really having the rawness feels to it, there is this song called GET UUGLY. I personally think the video is a little sexy, but its not the trashy sexy, its very high fashion I could say (have to idea what do you guys think about it 🙂

Now keep this a secret, I know that you got mysteries
But I want you blindfolded and handcuffed into the damn seats


I think I also in love the fact that his style is not the current trend’s style, which I think give him the extra point for being different, the fact that people are now currently doing a lot of trap, and mumble rap (which I also love some of their songs). There’s a little bit of soul, and R&B in his music, in which I think its a balance on doing the current music, the fact that genre now is really hard to be determine.

I also love Tamagotchi, I think its got its name from a game, but check it out sometimes, I just loving someone else’s music video rather than just the lyrical itself, and trust me the real people, mixing with a little animations of the game just epic.

So guys what do you think about Duckwrth ? let me know what’s your favourite from him 🙂



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