Twenty One Pilots are finally back with the new album Trench (I previously wrote about them on my blog here, and I really love the way they make their music). The vibes that I got from this album is a little bit dark, and futuristic combined. For the record I really love Twenty One Pilots, so definitely loving the songs that they put out. They put out 2 music video, first Jumpsuit, second one is Nico And the Niners.

For Jumpsuit, there’s a more a rock vibes that they put out, including the screaming part by Tyler, I feel like with the song Jumpsuit there’s a strong vibes of letting something stressful go away, it reminds me of Linkin Park’s song Iridescent. There’s a part of the song that talking about the fame affecting their life’s because they got judge so much ; “I can’t believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way“. I feel like on every success that people achieve there will be haters that will try to bring people down. The video is a little bit eerie, but its related to the meaning of the song, visually its really full of representations, and symbolisms, so its very interesting to see that.

Nico and the Niners is so far my favourite from the released songs from them, on this song you can hear Tyler going back to rap again. There is a very interesting reference from this song, the word “Niner” comes from the pronunciation of the number nine in the NATO phonetic alphabet, and “Nico” is  (if you guys want to find more about it, please check out here) one of the name of the Bishops. The thing with Twenty One Pilots new album is that the representations of the colour yellow. In which its representing sunshine, but also wrath.

And start a concert, a complete diversion
Start a mob and you can be quite certain

We have Levitate next as part of the MV, it was almost like the continuation of the previous music video, and still you’re able to see some the characters from the previous MVs from this album. Again to me its part of the social issues they’re facing, for example the lines “Cowards only come through when the hour’s late And everyone’s asleep, mind you” Its really about how people are really labelling yourself, and how its affecting your own personality, and that’s when doubts are going to come after you.

The whole album is going to be released this October, and I feel like they’re going to talk about the hiatuses, and the pressure from being famous, the fact that their previous album Blurryface, also won a Grammy’s Awards for the song Stressed Out on the category Best Duo/Group Performance. The music videos are actually seems to be related to each other, since you could see the jumpsuit, the yellow for the new logo, and the figure with the red cape. The album will be full with 14 tracks, you can check out the list on genius.com.


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  1. Allen Liao says:

    you should do a trench album review 🙂


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