For some people who are newly reading my blog, I’m a fan of football, and tennis games, I’ve been following them since years ago. Not to mentioned I love music as well, and I think music and sports are connected. I was browsing some music, and found out about Elujay through Colours channel. There is this song called Locked In by him, I think the song is really beautiful, and romantic on its own way, I really like the song because of the beats that’s are not way to hyped up.

One of his inspiration is also Kendrick Lamar, I really love the music from Elujay, because its not only flexing expensive stuffs, but its very personal as well. For Locked In, its a very personal song, maybe one day if I got a boyfriend already I could tell what do I feel about having a relationship. Colours is a platform of showing artists performing live of their music, but its very studio feels, so the quality of the sound systems are amazing, you’re going hardly to listen the artist’s voice is cracking.

I finally got you where I want you
Reflecting dreams inside my soul

What I like from Elujay is that he is really good at mixing the musical style, sometimes you can hear the alternative R&B with hip hop touch on it, its still relaxing, but its still full of swag, so you still get that energetic vibes by listening to his music. There is this song called We Don’t Mind, that was released 2 years ago, its very chill song, you could listen to it during a road trip with your friends, its very summer vibes, definitely you guess the reference of Eden Hazard (yup I’m a fan of him too).

Like I’m David Beckham, I ain’t stressing
Eden Hazard with the passing cause I’m really well connected

Again this is a love song, I mean the comparison of being a good passing at football games, and the accuracy of the ball passing its just reference to the girl that you love (or anyone that you love). This is one of my favourite song from him, another one that I really like is called Golden.

I like the fact that most of his songs are giving the homey vibes to every single of it, so to the listeners who are not loving the hip hop that much still able to listen to this songs. The music video for this song is almost like a DIY-ish music video, its fun to watch there’s a little rawness to it, adding it more a vintage-y vibes. I think some of the descriptions on the lyrics are pretty clear, so it will help you to understand the lyrics easier, and more relatable more than just a vague statement.

I was trying to slide through but you waste time, uh
Skin gold when you bask in the sun

So guys have you ever listen to Elujay ? let me know what do you think about him 🙂

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  1. priya says:

    The COLOURS channel is always one of my favourites to find interesting artists! Obviously they have got it soo right with this one too! xx


    1. I know right hahaha 🙂 let me know if you have any suggestions of music 🙂 I love R&B and hip hop music

      Liked by 1 person

      1. priya says:

        They’re incredible, and definitely, that’s right up my alley – you’re probably aware of Amine, but check out his album it’s one of my faves! x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. okies checking it out

        Liked by 1 person

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