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Hi guys, I feel like there’s a lot of going on with the music industry, I feel like these days people’s dream are becoming a rapper..well it could be practical joke to some of people, but for myself its still one of my dream (that probably will never happen lol). I think people should chill and relax about Jaden’s artistry, he’s young, and his bars are not that bad for me.

I have to give the song Icon 4 thumbs up, I think the lyrics is cool, the music video is on point, it was filmed beautifully during the sunset, and the fashion is on point. I feel like being a teenager is definitely the most difficult moment in life, we try to figure what we want to do, looking our identity, and breaking from our parent’s shadow. Well my dad is in the business industry, my mum is a housewife, while girls at my age are very academically smart, it turns out my interests are a little different. I want to be like the other Chinese Indonesian girls, although I tried it turns out I can’t because its not me. So I’m pretty much on the side of Jaden for what he’s doing. Anyways to me that song Icon is a banger.

What you call an icon livin’?
Start a record label MSFTS just did it (woo)

But I feel like his choice to be with music is definitely his best choice, its definitely hard when someone comparing you with your parents, for example like Will Smith reached a milestone on his careers, and its hard to be compare and pressured to be like our parents, because we’re totally a different human being.

Getting his inspirations from Kid Cudi to Kanye West, Jaden now trying to making it big in the music industry. To be honest his style is not bad, it reminds me of A$AP Rocky, who’s style is one of the bests out there, Jaden also represents the youth so I think its very relatable to people that on the same age with him. To be honest there are times that people taking hypebeast style for the wrong reason, the truth is we must understand that being a rapper, is not the capability of everyone else’s, it needs talent, and its not easy as it seems.

As you can see in the GHOST music video featuring Christian Rich, I feel like this video is showing so much youthfulness, its showing the fashion life in Jaden’s life, but I really love the fact he filmed in in Tokyo, Japan. The reason is because some parts of my family coming from Japan, and I really love the life over there, from the mannerism to the style.The video is no longer than 3 minutes, its simple, but you can remember what’s going on on the video. I do understand if some people are not feeling him, but in my personal opinion I wouldn’t able to slay that with me in his position.

Play this shit in the club for me, for me, for me (for me)
‘Cause if you in there, then I’ll be the one you never see
Like jeez

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