Grime Coming to Down Under


I have a little knowledge regarding grime, to me it sounds like hip hop but its not really that hip hop music. Recently Eskimo Dance announced their tour dates to Australia, including Melbourne !!! Artists such as Big Shaq, Little Bizzle, P Money are coming too. Recently grimes has been quiet successful in the world because of the rising of Stormzy, and Skepta. Both has been collaborated with artists like Drake, and A$AP Rocky. Drake also known for working with Giggs one of the biggest artists of grime music in the UK for the song titled KMT.

Big Shaq is known for the song Man’s Not Hot, that became the internet’s meme, but honestly the song does sounds so catchy, and funny, no wonder people are addicted to it, although they don’t really love the song. Big Shaq recently released a music video Man Don’t Dance you should check it out.

Lethal Bizzle is one of the artists that actually I’m really interested in, its very fun to see grime because the beats itself is so powerful, so its added the atmosphere to be more exciting. But again a lot of grime artists also known to be the fans of the football teams, and football in UK is great, so the football players also showing the support for the UK artists, and it helps people more know about the grime artists. Lethal Bizzle also had an interviewed with Danny Welbeck for the Euro 2016 (England didn’t do well, but this year I really in love with them).

Also we have P Money, that’s I think also very interesting, as you guys may know him from my previous posts because of Dele Alli, and he made a song about it here. P Money also featured on the channel of GRM Daily as a regular as well, so definitely to those GRM Daily fans in Australia definitely they are familiar with P Money, and the Tottenham fans definitely loving his bars for Dele Alli.

So guys if you do have a chance please check them out, because I’m going to have the chance for the concert, because its nearly the exam week, but yeah hope to see them one day.

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