Faky’s Anime Debut

Faky is one of the girl group under Avex, they are talented I posted about them before on the blog here, and I think they are very talented girl group. Recently they are having the anime’s soundtrack, Black Clover. Black Clover is one of mangas that published through Shonen Jump, hence they got a lot of attentions from the fans, I think its very interesting to see them as the ending song of the anime, as you may know anime is a huge industry as well.

You can see that BoA is going big after her soundtrack for InuYasha, and although the music industry in Asia right now slightly different from the previous generations (before 2009-2010ish) fans are loving the anime theme songs, also they are more pay attention to the lyrics rather than just a streaming the music video. Other than that I’m loving the song for the Black Clover’s ending, its very chill. calm, there’s a little bit R&B vibes to it, I like the piano on the beginning of the song. To me the song also having a little bit soft rock influence, the vocals from the girls are amazing, so I have no complaint for that, hoping with this project people will recognised FAKY more. 🙂



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