The two talented artists are just dropping a fantastic collaborative work together, I really like the way the music video curated. The music video filmed in Paris, and its really elevated A$AP Rocky’s fashions style, the interesting thing with the music video is that its filmed in a vlogging way, so there’s some rawness to the music video giving the 90s vibe to it, which I think its really interesting.

I think the simple animations on the video also giving the music video another point, its almost like DIY version It G Ma-ish style of music video, which I’m not mad, because I think its cool. The beats of the song its not the trap beat, which I think my favourite part of the song, I feel like I really like Tyler’s style on this song.

The song is more than just talking about the fashion brands, but it got personal to A$AP Rocky, and Chanel Iman’s relationships on the line “I don’t rock Chanel, I rock channel” but its also partially a reference to XXL Freshman 2018, (I feel like Rich Brian is getting cheated out)

Then I think about the state of rapping
All the freshmans in the classes
All the super seniors mumblin’ and ramblin’
Mumblin and rappin’
Mumble rapping?

But also its talking about the flow of the current rappers, I feel like this days its so usual when we heard artists copying each other’s flow, and Rocky made a comment to that, “I find it hard to find actual talent I find it hard to find a actual challenge“.

But its also talking about the success of Tyler the Creator “Nigga we get dollars, give ’em to Ben Baller Exchange for them chains that’s all shiny with thick water“, thats about when Tyler got his chain, amazing right ?

So guys what do you think about the new song ? do you think its one of the best collaborations by far ? let me know on the comment section down below.

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