Juice WRLD is a 19 y.o (basically 20 this year) is one of the artists that I recently knew about from Billboard.com, I feel like I really like his music, there’s more emotions on the songs, most probably the trap version of Taylor Swift, or Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran. I’m really love those artist because they put a lot of their personal life into it, as a fan its really something that I could connect even if the situations aren’t the same. Lucid Dreams have been a hit this year, even in the Billboard chart, not only that I really love the creative direction he choose for the music video.

We have Lucid Dream that’s everybody’s favourite, this song is a total heart break song ;

You left me falling and landing inside my grave
I know that you want me dead (cough)
I take prescriptions to make me feel a-okay
I know it’s all in my head

I mean the lines reminds me of Back to December, in more swaggy way, although you’re on the position of being sad. The video sharing this weird/unique imagery that I think its very different from rappers that releasing their music video. But the thing is although this song contained few trap beats, its still for me one of the song that I would listen to, because it doesn’t sound that “upbeat”, and most importantly the lyrics, although I could consider him as one of the mumble rappers out there, but I really love the things that he choose for videos, and lyrics.

The next song is All Girls Are The Same, firstly I feel a little bit offended, but that’s his story, its the same way that I would listen to Taylor Swift’s songs, but I feel like there are parts that are true, since I’m a girl (I’m straight), but there is this girl that break my friend’s heart because she’s going out with another boy, right after she’s so close with my friend, and apparently she’s such a social climber (hate social climber to the max).

I just want real love, guess it’s been a minute
Pissed off from the way that I don’t fit in, I don’t fit in
Tell me what’s the secret to love, I don’t get it

I could imagine my self singing this song and change it to All Boys Are The Same, as much as we hate it, but our egos are actually sharing the same thoughts, especially during the break up, I feel like we often see 1 point of view from ourselves (am I right, or wrong I don’t have a boyfriend yet :’) )

This song is the national anthem for anyone that just got a breakup, and if your ex texting you back..gurl, mann.. sing this song, like you need to get that IDGAF attitude facing this people, because they’re not a real friend to talk to, they just want the advantage of life..

Sorrow and sadness next to me
Old hoes see that I’m mournin’ so they textin’ me
Ex bitch tryna finesse me, she won’t get a damn thing

So what do you think about JUICE WRLD, is/are there any favourite song from him ? Let me know on the comment section below, and what’s your favourite song at the moment.

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