Bryson Tiller is one of the artist that everyone should look out for, his last music video released was 9 months ago for Self Made, and people already looking forward to the new music by the artists himself. Definitely its not easy for the artist to plan what to do next after the huge success for the previous released. Sometimes we need to evaluate to what extent it could be better than the previous released.

Not only that the highlight from 2017 for Tiller must be featuring on DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts alongside Rihanna, that’s song is so summery and even after a year I would like to listen to the song. On May 2018, Tiller put a reply on Twitter regarding the released of the album, but yeah hopefully we’re going to wait anytime for him 🙂 (take your time, we understand it)

On the Twitter he said that the previous released wasn’t really good at selling, its definitely understandable if he felt that way because his debut album ; Trapsoul was getting so much love. Especially the song Don’t its really good, and its the most watched Tiller’s music video on his vevo channel. Especially when your debut album got nominated to Billboard Music Awards, that such a huge accomplishment, Tiller showing more into the alternative R&B, and R&B on this album rather than going hard for the rap parts, and I really like the beats showing on Don’t. I feel like with Don’t its a song that you’ll like it more during the rainy season, or winter season, I refer this song to those who are a fan of R&B artists ; THEY. and more (I wrote about THEY. ) or if you’re a fan of Dean’s songs, and The Weekend.

But actually to me the songs from his second album are actually have some amazing lyrics, and music too. I feel like with the newer album, he got more music genre to offer like trap music as it shown on Sorry Not Sorry. Arguably trap is one of the genre that’s on the rising right now, and it makes sense when you want to have something trendy, or if he already predicted that trap will be on the game. I thought Sorry Not Sorry will be sort of alternative R&B sound, but its not, although I’m not a fan of trap music, I could give this song 7.5/10.

I personally think that Get Mine is one of the audio that’s going hard on the hip hop side of this album. The song featuring Young Thug that’s I think the featuring rapper favourite among the artists right now (yup name such as Camilla Cabello). Again the song still contained a little bit of trap music, and it got some alternative R&B vibes to it, I really like what’s Tiller’s vocals sound like. Because he got that deep voice, that I think would mesmerised the girls, and I would like to say, even without looking at the music video I could tell that I’ll like the music.

Tell me what’s your favourite song from Tiller on the comment section down below 🙂


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