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For some record, I lately really inspired by a lot of athletes, I’m very interested with their backgrounds. They have obstacles, and facing a lot of discrimination (probably), doubts from other people. I feel like being an athlete is almost being a gambler in your life, because there are people who’s going to really make it, and there are some thats being the mediocre athletes. Definitely getting sponsors, are the most important thing as an athletes, so I could say that their work hard paid off. Although I’m a football lover (especially the England’s football team) I really enjoy tennis match so much, although tennis is not my forte.

I believe that I put few of tennis players mentioned in a song, here. And I think its very interesting, but I think one of my favourite is definitely Roger Federer. The fact that he got respect from the whole court is just mesmerizing, to me its not a game of winning, respects that you gained from other people is definitely the most important thing, because at the end of the day is respect is the most important thing.

“There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self respect, or his self-confidence. He is still a King.” –  Orison Swett Marden

Venus a competitor, my cream and my cheddar-ar
See more tennis than Venus Serena and Federer
Sergio Tacchini, Lamborghini, yea etc

If you always get love you know how Federer felt
You can get around a waist, just pretend you’re a belt

Neighbors can’t handle the racket, Federer
When I cruise by

I really love the way people also admire Roger as he is the best tennis player out there, like Krept and Konan mentioning him (I posted about Krept and Konan here), and as Wretch 32’s mentioned he got the love, I mean so far I saw it from TV that I guess Roger owned the court’s heart. But I guess he is also the guy on the tour that’s really showing the importance of families, and keep his consistency on the game, so I really admire that from Roger. The fact that I knew a lot of athletes getting hate for their attitude inside or outside the game (any athletes), and their fair play’s problem I really admire that he did well, I really hope that Roger going to play for the next few years, its going to be the saddest thing when he’s not going to be on tour anymore.

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