Crush Wanderlust

Wanderlust Album by Crush

Crush Wanderlust
Crush Wanderlust

CRUSH released an EP called Wanderlust, in this EP cover CRUSH making a surprised appearance with the shocking blue hair. In this EP its showing more the cheerful sides of CRUSH’s music I believe. Trap music is huge this year, especially approaching the summer in around the world, except if you live in Australia and New Zealand, trap is going to be on your anthem playlist.


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CRUSH is really shocking me with the new visual direction, especially with the blue hair, and the colourful appearance. Its so different compare to his previous released in which showing more of monochrome colour to the video, and more clean cut for his costume stage. The track Cereal with ZICO reminded me of WINNER’s Everyday in a way, especially with the reverse beat, and the trap inspired song. I feel like I prefer CRUSH doing more mellow-y songs, but this song is not that bad, its an amazing song, although I’m not a fan of trap music, I think its part of the journey for CRUSH as a musician.

The next two songs are a little different, Close Your Eyes featuring Hoody from AOMG is more mellow-y R&B vibes, very much CRUSH’s style. Its a romantic song I guess you can get it the moment you see the track’s title, I really love the beat as well since its very relaxing, very chill, and I think its very much my choice of song that I would listen to, as far I really love that CRUSH also trying bunch of style.  The second song is called RYO, in this song the beats is very hyped up, the tempo is fast. There’s a strong rap part on the song, that I guess the Korean Hip Hop fans really love to hear. The featuring of the song is CIFIKA, I think their raps are amazing, its reminded me of YGGR, and Wacka Flocka’s style that’s really fun to listen to.

I feel like CRUSH is more open up towards the style that he choose, he collaborated with artists that have been working with him in the previous released ; ZICO, Hoody, and I think its really important to show the connections within the artists. As far, I usually really love his song Sometimes, but so far I guess CRUSH is one of the artists that really kept his consistent on giving the fans the best music. I think the more you release musics to the fans, there will be more options to choose from, and I don’t think getting bad notes, or critics actually stops the artists to make music, I guess its part of the journey because you can’t force people to love the music 24/7 right ?


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Let me know what’s your favourite song from CRUSH… 🙂

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