A year ago, we lost one of the nicest human being Chester. To me seeing Linkin Park is always be part of my childhood, being the emo period, and slightly addictive to rap (well Mike Shinoda does all the raps). When I heard the news I thought it was my friend playing jokes over dead celebrities, but its not, in that night I’ll never see Linkin Park as a whole team performing. Here’s my favourite from their last album with Chester.


Should’ve stayed, were there signs, I ignored?
Can I help you, not to hurt, anymore?
We saw brilliance, when the world, was asleep
There are things that we can have, but can’t keep

I know that nothing will last forever, although the album was critically doesn’t really represent Linkin Park as a Linkin Park. But some songs I thing really approachable to the fans, who doesn’t listen to Linkin Park. In the past years, pop sounds, and hip hop, R&B dominated the charts, and younger people loving it, aside as an artist you need to challenge yourself right (?). I feel like One More Light is the last letter from Chester to the fans, although you just felt it after he passed, to me its about releasing your stressfulness.

The next song is Good Goodbye, I think its such an under rated song, although it might sounds not so Linkin Park, but its not the first time they work with rappers. The music video is interesting because its plotted as a video game, the song featured Pusha T, and the great grime artist Stormzy (that’s how I know about grime). I really like this song because Mike Shinoda rapping, because actually Mike Shinoda is pretty in charge of everything in the group, and Chester’s for the hook is just dope.

Talking to Myself is the music that was released during the time Chester passed, I couldn’t believe at first, because I was checking my YouTube subscription and at the same time I found the news. So this song will be a special song to my heart, I love you Chester thank you for being alive, and making songs for my exam period.

Tell me what I’ve gotta do
There’s no getting through to you
The lights are on but nobody’s home (nobody’s home)
You say I can’t understand
But you’re not giving me a chance
When you leave me, where do you go? (Where do you go?)

To close everything, I just want to tell you depression is not something that visible. Its okay to be not okay, and sometimes you need to let it out what you stressing out, please reach someone when you can’t hold it anymore !!! On the link Together We Are Strong provided all the helplines for tons of countries.


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