+808 INK+


Today was my very first YouTube class, where we discuss bunch of music video, the result it was super fun, the thing is I meet other business students doing the course as well. The thing is its the subject that I totally able to fall in love in an instance, through some of the students I was able to know more about artists that I haven’t heard before. One of my classmate showing us a channel called Colours here, which showing different artists, for the record Dean was featured on the show too.

I honestly think that they’re amazing, my friend showing me the song Jeep Cherokee, I think the song is so amazing. From The Fader I found that the group made up of few people Mumblez as the rapper, 808Charmer as the producer, and their frequent collaborator Pure Anubi$.

They are one of the prominent hip hop artists from UK alongside with M.I.A. and Tinie Tempah, Stormzy and more. I think personally they’re more into the hip hop genre rather than the grime music itself, but both are still equally interesting to me. To see more about the difference between grime and hip hop you can check this link. I think grime is partially the family of hip hop, its just faster. They released the new song 3 Piece Suit, not that long ago and I really love it, the song is a banger even noisey approved. Its not that heavy beats type of music, but you are still able to enjoy it while dancing to the song.

Because we’re in YouTube class, the importance of the whole is the effects of music video, I think their music video is very spacious, and very artistic. Its very raw, I like it when the music video felt like its not too animated because it has more connection with the reality of the image, but also at the same time it felt more real, and realistic.

808INK songs are probably will be more familiar to the US hip hop listeners, because of the style of the beats, but if you asked me if I will prefer grime or hip hop, my answer will I equally love them, because not all hip hop artists are always producing the best songs either. The beats probably is something that I’m not really familiar, because it got like dance, house, and hip hop, beats on it, and people said its also faster, but its fun to listen to.


So guys what do you think about 808INK ? Let me know on the comment section below

Thanks to THE FADER team for providing such a helpful information, and to my classmate for giving the name of the artist.

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