Japan is one of the biggest prominent country from Asia with their music, in the past few years they’ve been having a heavy competitor from South Korea, especially after Gangnam Style broke the internet. I have this group chat about J Pop music, they sent me that GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe make an appearance on MBC Show Champion, a music show in South Korea. I think its time to show that Japan is actually have something to show to the world, and they have amazing group, and musicians that people need to look up for.

I think people have this perceptions that Japan only produced music that’s way to Kawaii, but they forget that in Japan entertainment house like LDH have an prominent boy groups in the making. In fact I have to praised Japan’s modesty for not posting its celebrations for 100 million views. I have to said that K Pop now have a competition, although K Pop idols are in advance because they learned Japanese, and I think they know that Japan is still a big market for music to sought up too. Another group from EXILE, this time is THE RAMPAGE, showing their performance at the Asia Artist Awards 2017. I hope with the new branding of their music, Japan will be getting more known in the future, because they really do have such a talented, modest artist not to mentioned Kenshi Yoneshu as well.

I’m not saying that K Pop is bad, because you guys know that I love 2NE1, BIGBANG, and WINNER right ? what I want to say is to the people who dislike J Pop for whatever reason it is, you need to see everything from the positive sides, just to let you know THE RAMPAGE official single for debut is Lightning, I’m pretty sure now people know that Japanese musicians are able to make amazing performances, other than their unique fashion styles.

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    It’s a pretty big surprise since SK has a ban on Japanese culture on TV. I was both shocked but incredibly excited that GENE got to perform on Show Champion! I’m hoping Japan takes some notes about this and hopefully it’ll be easier to track down their live performances in the future!


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