+BTS Love Yourself ; Tear+


The most prominent boy group in Korea right now, yup you guys got it BTS, I didn’t check out the whole album the moment they released it, but I’m pretty impressed. Its not my first time discussing them, but yeah they pretty impressive. I think with released of Fake Love, they proving that music is no longer a language barrier to the fans, we google translate now..people. They’re showing to the world, that actually Asian people can do good performance too, although sometimes there are some arguments between the k pop fans, and the k hip hop fans. Well to be honest with you as long as your lyrics is good, and people love it, I don’t think it should be a problem.

What I like from K Pop industry is that, they really making it big on the music video, and the props are just mesmerizing. The music video is playing a huge advertisement to your music, so the more provocative, weird, “on your face” music video people are going to be interested with it. Also with Fake Love the song is very addictive, and easy to remember like this part “I’m so sick of this fake love, fake love” so repetitive is the key of making a song well known guys, also they worked with Ali Tamposi. For the record Ali had been working with Beyoncé, Kygo and more.

So definitely I picked Fake Love as one of my faves from the album, the other songs that I choose, are Love Maze, and So What. Love Maze is more into the R&B vibes while So What is more to the dance music. But shout out to the whole BTS team, they worked hard to this point where they worked with the amazing Steve Aoki, and Desiigner, their work hard is really paid off.

But again to me music is generally are your own opinion, so I do understand if some people are not really feeling it. But to be honest with you guys the more you hate the songs, sometimes you’ll love the songs at some point. There are some amazing songs from them, I really love Spring Days so I wish I could see them more making that kind of songs later in the future. The fact that BTS also choosing an interesting concepts for its comeback its also very fun to watch, and keep the fans to be enthusiastic, so well done guys.

WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE BTS SONGS ? let me know, leave me a comment 🙂

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