Funny enough I don’t know where to begin, I post one song from Russ from my previous post here, its for the song Scared I believe. Recently as you guys may know I’m going back to be a football fans once again, but this time I’m a fan of few players. Not to be mentioned Dele Alli, the thing is he took a picture with Russ once, and I realised dude your music taste is dope. Not to mentioned that Russ music is really amazing as well, as the bonus, I linked the photo that the two were on it together.

For the record guys, I know that sometimes the way I like something is so irrelevant, but lets face it. Russ is one of the upcoming artist in the making, have 2 songs on the Billboard 100 ; What They Want, Losin Control charted at 83 & 63 respectively is quiet having a good agenda to date. I really like Losin Control because its very chill, and cool music its not that hyped up music that sometimes don’t really help you out when you’re on stress period. Russ is one of the most successful Soundcloud musicians other than Post Malone, but I think you should check out more about Russ as well if you’re a fan of Post Malone, both have the best musics to date.

Losin Control is a more romantic song compare to What They Want but its really just my personal thoughts, although one of my favourite will always be Scared. I don’t know what do you guys think about Russ, so you can leave a comment down below, and I’ll try to reply one by one. 🙂 Scared is also a love song, but more for the heartbroken ones, because of the line “I’m scared to fall in love again”, but the story line from the song is also a little bit sad to me.

Russ primary inspiration was coming from 50 Cent, and Eminem, I think those artists are amazing as well, considering Eminem, and 50 Cent have been collaborated together to make such an amazing music. Russ music style is the style that the non hip hop lover able to enjoy as well, because his songs are very approachable too (in terms of beats, some people hating on fast beat rapping). Also its almost like Drake, where the rap parts sounds like singing ones, so I think people are able to singalong with Russ. Most of the songs that I posted here, is from his debut album There’s Really A Wolf, which I think its an amazing album for a debut.

So guys do have any suggestions for me to write about ? if yes please let me know I really appreciate it if you guys comment down on my post(s).

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