Hiii guys today we’re going to have PREP as review, they’re a London based artist somehow I’m really into British artists these days for no reason. To me there are some part of roughness, yet very tender, and cool at the same time. They have been collaborated with artists like Tinashe, and Chance the Raper for an instance, so I’m pretty sure you guys will love them, although you might not heard about them before. These days people are more interested to see how the music visuals’ look like, they even have a streaming project for certain music videos. But to me what really makes it more interesting is their pure arts. Or maybe I’m just not a music video streamer, it turned out that today I was not feeling well, I’m way to sick although I was quiet ready for the exam, I was so nauseous today, so I applying another defer exam…:( (finger crossed) I just don’t want to let my parents down just because I failed a subject.

PREP is the perfect band to those who really love indie music,  and contemporary R&B, I could say its like the music coming out, not from 2000s. I think the song Snakeships for example, its a song where you can enjoy with your friends at Friday nights, and chill out with beers (well I don’t drink), its very 70s so people like my mum, and dad supposedly able to enjoy this type of music.

What I like about them is that they gave us a lot of vintage vibes, thats makes you wanted to live in that specific year. Their music videos also quiet interesting, its very filmish like music video, its very fun to chill, and just dance like nobody else are watching. PREP is actually made up of a hip-hop producer (Dan Radclyffe), a classical composer (Llywelyn Ap Myrddin), a house DJ (Guillaume Jambel) and a singer-songwriter/co-writer (Tom Havelock), based on what I found from EARMILK.

I would suggest to people who love DAFT PUNK to listen to PREP, I feel like these days its hard to promote music thats very indie vibes, because people loving the animations from music videos (in which for the record that’s a great marketing). But I really like this type of music when you’re really stressed about something. PREP recently just collaborated with Dean, in which the Korean music fans are very familiar with. And I think its a great opportunity for PREP for getting more known in Asia, especially in South Korea, they have a band called HYUKOH which I think got the similar vibes with PREP (just what I think).

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