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Some of you might hear madeinTYO quite a lot, he was part of the FRESHMEN for XXL 2017, for the record TYO is standing for TOKYO because he grew up in Tokyo during his teenage year. I think growing up in other countries sometimes helps you to understand to appreciate other culture, and the people rather than “yourself”, on the show with 88risng (linked below) he stated that Tokyo made him who he is today.

It might sounds so cliché but sometimes growing up in a country where its not really yours actually making you, who you are. I mean I like some of his songs for having fun, and how he tells his story about growing up in Asia, because its very different from the West. MadeinTyo also collaborated with A$AP Ferg, one of my favourite A$AP members, called Ned Flanders, I think the type of the song is really trendy at the moment, like a song that able to hyped you up especially if you living in Indonesia, where its summer all year long, check this song out.

I mean madeinTYO is someone that’s people should keep an eye on, he collaborated with big names ie; Big Sean, and Travis Scott, yet he’s very open to collaborate with musician like CRAZYBOY showing that in music there’s no boundaries against race.

As a result I have to giving it up my favourite to the song Mr. Tokyo. On an interview he stated that Mr. Tokyo was appreciated a lot in Japan, well it make sense because it used to be part of your neighbourhood. The song kind of personal to me, based on the title, because its like your childhood part, but its not really permanent childhood part because you’re always moving around, but having that Tokyo name on your stage name must be really important place in madeinTYO heart right ?

so what’s your madeinTYO favourite song(s) ? let me know on the comment section below.

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