So CRAZY BOY album released back in 4 July 2018, on the album itself its featuring few artists from the record label like FAKY, and Ryuji, EXILE SHOKICHI, not only that the album also featuring the rap artist MadeinTYO. The music that’s really touching me was This is for MAMA, I could say because its very generous, and its very humane, from my perspective. The music video also showing his childhood moments with his mum, and you could hear his dad as well on the video, a research showing that we are the most happiest at age 3 and we a little bit not happier as we age. I think there will be a time where I just want to stop growing as an adult.

PS ; FAKY, and MADEINTYO songs are linked down below !!! 

I’m really looking forward to the songs that he collaborated with FAKY, and MadeinTYO, the reason is that FAKY is a prominence girl group from Japan, and you should check them out more, the song called Japanicano, in which probably because ELLY or CRAZYBOY is half Japanese and half U.S. to me the song is very fun to listen to, also actually FAKY’s vocal is really amazing, and mesmerizing, I think FAKY themselves are a little bit under-rated by the music community.

Another song that’s really fun to listen to for a party is Phenomenon with MADEINTYO, for the record MADEINTYO is really dope, and for you that said Japanese artist is not collaborating with big artist, I think CRAZYBOY giving you the answer. MADEINTYO spending his teenage years in Japan, due to his family’s work in the military, he moves around as a kid, he was selected as the XXL 2017 freshman year. The song is really upbeat, and its not really my style, but if you love trap beat music you’ll definitely enjoying the music.


cred to complex.

I personally will suggest this album to Jay Park’s fans as well because I could see the resemblance that they’re both are amazing dancers, and yet they’re really good at rapping. There are times that CRAZYBOY musics are so energetic, and myself is not that energetic too sometimes (well during stress period). So I could say someone that’s a huge fan of MIGOS should check him out, or Keith Ape, someone that’s really lit on a party, or purely for happy people out there, but to me my favourite ones is This is for MAMA. So what do you think about this album ? Let me know

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    Seems like Crazyboy finally realized his strongest songs are usually collaboration tracks, at least in my opinion. I was so surprised that he released ‘This is for MAMA’ with an MV that really shows the intimate parts of his life. It isn’t east being a hafu in Japan, especially where he grew up. I’m looking forward to listening to the tracks you suggested!


    1. True though, I think it’s very sweet 😉

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