Considering that French is going to the final, I can’t say that I really a fan of Paul Pogba. Rumour has it, he’s going to Barcelona but lets hope he’s not, but I wish all the best for his choice for his career. Anyways from the skill on the field to the outside personality its hard not to like this guy. He’s also featuring on Desiigner song titled Outlet, and he’s doing a freestyle in French..not bad at all. But other than that hopefully all the best for his team tonight on the final, hopefully he’ll win, but either way to all the teams who achieved to this level, you guys deserved it.

All I want to say, the winning team, and not the winning team you guys are going to have your own time to win a game that you guys deserved. Doesn’t mean if you don’t win today, you’ll not going to win next time. Also despite you’re the best player on the field, you need a huge personality too I believe, I mean I may not have the best personality but I guess everybody needs a good personality for communications. I guess Pogba is pretty funny guy so I’m definitely rooting for him, well my brother said the way I became a fan of football is so irrelevant but yeahh, I mean everybody got preference.

Outside and Inside skill I think Pogba has it, and he got a lot of personalities that you can see, hopefully we’ll see him making his own music, or probably after the World Cup, who knows ?  Gooo Pogba, and French wishing you all the best 🙂

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