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Hii guys have you listen to Honne before ? they are a duo group coming from England consist of James Hatcher, as the producer and Andy Clutterbuck as singer and producer. They are a fantastic duo, and I bet you guys will love their music. I don’t know about you guys but having a hard rap, or fast songs sometimes make me feel like I’m getting more stress out. I mean once I pass everything out, I definitely going to listen to those fast songs, but right now I just want to feel a little relax mode. For the record don’t you know that the duo’s name is taken out from a Japanese word ; 本音 (Honne) which translated to real intention.

Location Unknown –

Most of the songs that produced by Honne consist of electro pop and alternative R&B sounds, probably if you’re a fan of THEY. in which I wrote on my previous post you’ll know about them, or if you know them..Like the song Location Unknown you can hear a little bit of electro pop there but its not that pop-ish sounds, and it got a little bit R&B sounds. I will listen to this song in a long trip, with open air, and just me or me and my girls day out.

“My location unknown tryna find a way back home to you again”


I could say that most of their songs are really perfect for you to have that quality me time moment. For this song its a little bit sad heartbreaking song, its about breaking up over with someone that you loved. Well losing someone that we love the most, is probably the worst thing that will ever happen to everybody right (?) but the thing is its a bit hard for me because I don’t have any experience just yet. For the boys, if you ever breaking up with someone else just listen to this song. 🙂

This place wouldn’t be the same without you

Maybe its just my feeling, but I really hate winter during school time or exam, I mean those weather just making you want to hide inside your bed for 100%. But other than that I think Honne put a little bit of disco music, without being to countryfied. Like the song Me & You, I think its a very cute song for a dance night at your home for your dinner with your love ones. Also I dedicated to my fellow England supporter, because I think we’re going to have such a fantastic year with the football team 🙂

Me & You

It’s just you and me
With the world beneath our feet
We can see for miles up here

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