I know the album was released years ago, I was in secondary school back then. I think it was my favourite album that year, considering I got the CD for the album. For the record because I was coming from Indonesia, the cover of the album is a little bit “too much” when I’m asking my parents to get the album #lol. But that year Diamonds was literally everywhere. To me Rihanna’s music videos are always exciting to watch, because its aesthetically pleasing from the fashions, to the visuals.

To me Diamonds is a song that’s describing the relationships going on, “so shine bright tonight you and I we’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky” and everybody knows that diamond also represent eternal life, and its really the strongest carbon bond ever, because it has 6 dimensional figures, so I think relationship is complicated yet beautiful, well I never experience ones, so 🙂

Its one of my favourite from the album, the song Stay is displaying more of Rihanna’s emotional vocals. “Makes me feel like I can’t live without you It takes me all the way I want you to stay” I think in a relationship sometimes it makes you don’t want to lose someone, but I have a question to those who experienced love, what if you meet with someone that’s a toxic to your life ? But moving on I really love this song, because its more slower, so anybody in my family able to listen to this song. To be honest with everyone I think this song is the perfect song for breaking up…no offense but the emotion is real.

My last picked up from this album is actually What Now, the reason why I love this song is because its almost about letting go of something. The melody from the piano is really cool, because its blending well with the beats. “I shouldn’t be crying, tears were for the weak The days I’m stronger, know what, so I say” I supposed the song is about a love song, but I could say that you can listen to this song either way, for any moments. Its a song about being stronger than before. I would say I could listen to this song when I’m down or when I’m sad, angry. I mean there are lines like I cant even get the emotions to come out Dry as a bone, but I just wanna shout” I think its all about letting go of something that became your burden, it could be your heavy thoughts….

I could say that this album is a little bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions, there are some honorable mentions that I would like to suggest for people ; Pour it Up, Presh Out the Runaway, Numb ft Eminem, and Loveeeeeee Song ft Future. Anyways although it got a mixed reviews from the pros, I could say this album got some pretty “strong” charted songs, even if its quiet a while now Rihanna is really able to hyped up the people who ready to listen to her new music. I mean Rihanna is a strong musician, because with any genre that she’s doing, she’s able to nailed it, from hip hop to R&B, pop she’s killing it. Also with her fashion sense that’s very experimental people are going to wait for what’s she’s going to do next. Music is preference the reason why I don’t bash an artist because they’re really having their strong sides differently.





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