+Dele Alli’s Playlist+

So guys my defer exam will be held next 17 July 2018, it makes me nervous to the last, because the thing is the subject is not my forte. Also although they’re not going to the final, I think Dele Alli’s music taste is one of the bests out there. On the interview with Versus, I got to listen to few music artist that I haven’t heard before.


I picked out 4 songs that he choose as his playlist, there is Drake KMT from the album Scorpion, there are British musicians as well, like Kano, and Stormzy. Both are amazing grime artists, my friend told me that actually grime is different that hip hop music, because there are a little bit of dance hall influence, and garage music, for some people like me I consider grime music similar to hip hop, but I don’t what about you guys ? by the way there is this artist called Kano its my first time listening to him. The song title by Kano is called P’s and Q’s, and actually its really good. I feel like a lot of grime artist are now getting knowing widely, for example for Stormzy he collaborated with Linkin Park for the song Good Goodbye. Actually from this playlist my favourite one is a song by Future, titled Coming Out Strong. The song was featuring The Weekend, I could say the song vibes is similar to Selfish by Future featuring Rihanna. Anyways guys please check out the music playlist down below.

Here are the links for the playlist


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