I knew that England did not make it to the final, its definitely sad for everybody who at this point really support England, but don’t worry we still have third place fight. But honestly its been a while since I following football match, I haven’t really into a match ever since Steven Gerrard retired. But Jesse Lingard is really fun to watch, aside from his skills in the field, his music taste is pretty amazing. I mean since everyone is living up in a digital world, I think even the athletes now are more relatable through their social media.














The first two songs picked by JLINGZ are Harder Than Ever, and Look Alive, these are for his World Cup’s playlist in which I think its super fun songs. To be honest its my first time listening to Lil Baby, and I personally really love the music here, if you asking me why, its because both songs are amazing prep songs before you face the tests. Well it depends on the test, I mean if your test need to be very well memorised don’t listen to it, but if you know you’ll do well please do listen to this songs. To be honest I’m also a fan of Lingard because of his awesome taste of music though 🙂 because who doesn’t love Drake as well.








The next one is another playlist, in which Avelino also joining in, this is the first time I knew about Avelino as well. Avelino is one of the best English rapper, he also collaborated with Stormzy as well, but anyways lets see the playlists.









On the playlists Lingard took some Avelino’s music, in which I think its such an amazing music, he also picked up Nuh Ready Nuh Ready by  Calvin Harris featuring Partynextdoor. In one of Avelino’s song it featured Stormzy, and Skepta, its really such an empowering song before the match, I could tell that this songs are amazing both before, and after match. For the record is also the first time me listening to Partynextdoor, he’s from Canada, the music kind of reminds me with Daft Punk music, in which I really love it. The song could be for chilling out too because the rap parts is not the really hyper type one, but more into like the singing type like Drake I could say. But anyways Goodluck for the rest of England team for the thirdplace, thank you for making us proud.

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