Black Eyed Peas just released a music video titled Get It, in which on the video it shared about police brutality in U.S. the music video directed by Ben More. I think its one of the most sociable talking about music from Black Eyed Peas, before Get It, Black Eyed Peas also gave the people the re-styled version of Where’s the Love.

According to the Rolling Stone there is an allusions regarding about the death of Eric Garner, and Walter Scott. I could say although I don’t live in the area where violence(s) is highly happening, but I think its good to know that we need to be greatful for what we have, because there are actual people who suffering than us. Although probably its harder to understand the song through lyrically, but the music video is really honestly spoken, at least to me. I think on this album BEP7, they really covering the whole struggle of Black people living in America. On this album like on the song Street Living, there is some political reference, to the Crips and Blood.

I could say that the album is more reflecting towards the nowest society, on the line apl.de.ap :Brainwashed by the television  and the line from the Where’s the Love  Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema. I just think there’s a relationship within the media world, and the thing that happening today such as racism, terrorism, and more.

I feel like just because Black Eyed Peas did not give us the music like I Gotta Feeling, Pump It, a lot of people sort turning back their back on Black Eyed Peas. And there are upcoming artist that really catch the eyes through their music, like Childish Gambino with the song This is America, in which also having the similar meaning the songs that Black Eyed Peas gave.  Its also difficult since a lot of groups coming from Asia right now that really catches the eyes of the world, because they really offer a “fun” song, or more hyped up songs. But since I grew up with Black Eyed Peas songs, I would say I love seeing them coming back to make a new album after a few years.


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