I just want to say that I don’t think Pretty Puke bridging any problems regarding his arts. Regardless what the South Korean’s media Dispatch thought about him, are destroying both MINO, and Pretty Puke or Miller Rodriguez. Before taking International Business as my major, I took arts where nudity is mostly part of the media that I saw. Its really depends on how you see the nudity, where you are from a conservatives cultures or not, but to me its more about self study of the body parts themselves.

People need to learn when they really want to labelled up someone else as a pedophile, or calling someone¬†misogynistic, why ? because its something that’s not to make a fun about, and you really need a strong ground to label someone else. Miller Rodriguez got kids too, definitely as a parent he would not let something like bad stuffs happening to them. Photography is just part of people’s thoughts, and capturing the most innocent moment in life, its mostly an expressions.

The thing with Dispatch is that they always brought up news that was happened few years back, and resurrected when something is able to be “cook up”, my question is why would you always wrote about G Dragon, MINO, T.O.P., and Park Bom ? Pretty Puke had been working for numerous artists across the globe, meaning he is very well known. In the world of the photography itself its really clear, someone can’t just photographed a nude photo of an underage kid, and I don’t think Pretty Puke bridge the law. Besides if Dispatch want to say so, WINNER also having the show Half Moon Friends in which involving with the kids, hence how come easily called someone to be interested with pedophilia ?

I’m very sure that the Dispatch workers have been looking at men’s magazines as well, but still calling a photographer, as pedophile ? Its definitely hard to explain, I don’t think the page is really about pedophile, there are other photographer doing similar work like Terry Richardson, in high fashion magazines you can find bunch of nudity, its really about what you think. I think people should learn more about arts, rather than bashing people out, even from the classic arts by Michelangelo ; The Creation of Adam also contained nudity.


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