Hii guys, as the drawing for the World Cup finals is about to close, here’s why I love a major sporting event like this. This is the moment, where every nations support their sportmans hero to the fair battle ground, where honesty, loyalty, equality within race are being hold. There are tears, laughter, and unexpected moments right ?

This World Cup is very unusual for me, maybe because I’m a little to sentimental over something but Steven Gerrard is retired already. But the good thing a lot of new players on the field that established stronger teamworks over predecessor.




To me World Cup song is one of the most hyped up song on the year they have the competition. But with all the lyrics is not about lovey dovey songs anymore, but its more about the unity itself. Well some people might have different perspective on the World Cup songs. I feel like World Cup is a chance to bring up your reputable country representation, why ? at least you need to play the game in “fairplay” right ? also in a team you can see different races on one national team. So I think its a better way to explain why we still discriminate each other in this life, and in one team you can find people with different beliefs, but they still going towards one goal.

I could pay respect to the Asian representative, for Japan they showing so much respect by cleaning the stadium, but even the players were leaving a thank you note, and leaving the changing room into a spotless area. Winning or losing is the last matters that you want to achieve, but with respect, and attitude you will have more honours regarding that.

To put to an end, to all the teams that achieved the Semi finals to England, France, Croatia, and Belgium congratulations from my heart you guys deserved to get into the Semifinals…..I am rooting for everyone of guy

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