Hii guys so just to let you know, I pass all my exams, as for now…but I’m not sure with my financial markets. Its just not my forte, the thing with exams I’m really wasn’t good at multiple choice, so I could say I’m a liar, a bad liar..moving on, because I’m not really comfortable with it I just want to share what inside my thoughts. Actually I’m the same with my dad, a liar. But I promise myself starting this semester, that I’m going to give my best.

If you asking me, if I do feel guilty ? definitely 100000000% I felt so guilty, because the one that I lied to is my own mum. The thing that I want to say, in the last couple weeks the drama was just a little too much, I feel like I’m a coward this time because I couldn’t tell the truth, part of me is really struggling at few times in the last couple of years. I just tell myself that I should never repeat a class. For the record my mum isn’t the type that a pushy mum, where she expect something that’s really high from her kids, but even though I learned so hard, some part of me just letting my other self down at the same time. If you asking me why ? Firstly I don’t want to be a burden to my parents like my uncles, and my aunt. I’m not going to blame my dad for this time, its really me that I could not deal with my own problems, I’m just trying to get away with it, but I’m just acting that I’m strong.

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