Recently I’ve been interested with KID FRESINO, he is one of the current Japanese artists on the rise. What I like from Japan’s music industry is that, they’re really down to earth, and everything is just so cool without trying hard. KID FRESINO also having a major endorsement with LEVI, because I saw his face today, in Levi’s Melbourne store.

KID’s debut was back in 2013 with  Horseman’s Scheme, although in general I don’t understand the Japanese lines from his songs, I really love the way he’s doing with his music, and the music videos. KID Fresino is signed to Space Shower Music in Japan, I do really hope that one day he will collaborate with 88rising too. I really think that he has the sense making the Japanese music more appealing to the Western countries. Recently he released a music video titled Arcades, and few months ago he also released a music video titled Coincidence.

At the age that older than me 2 years, he done so many things compare to me at a young age. KID FRESINO also collaborated with IO from Kandytown, I posted about Kandytown on separate posts, I really love IO’s music style too, so they make such a perfect combinations. I linked all the videos that I think are my my favourite by far, let me know what do you think about KID FRESINO. I think some people missing the agenda that actually fans of an underground artists are actually quiet a lot, and they’re pretty supportive.

Bonussss..source from Levi, please check out United by Beats too, you can find bunch of amazing artists to look for.


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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    Damn, I’m actually really impressed with his stuff. I’m not big into the Japanese hip-hop or rap scene but him, KOHH, Aklo and a few others might get me into it soon.

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